Finding adequate Kansas health insurance coverage that’s also affordable is an all too common problem. However, private insurance carriers, employers, and the state government offer various solutions so that more people can find the health plan they need at a price that works for them.

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Small Business Health Insurance Kansas

Many employers also offer group health insurance benefits as part of the compensation package. Even a small business can qualify for this, as long as there are at least two employees who work a minimum of 30 hours each week. This is a quick and convenient way for an employee to obtain insurance as the private carriers cannot deny coverage to an employee due to any pre-existing medical condition.

Employees also benefit from affordable premiums each month. That’s because employers contribute towards paying a portion of the premiums, so the amount that employees pay is reduced.

For those who recently just lost their jobs, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they also lose their health insurance coverage automatically. With the COBRA program, a former employee can extend the coverage of their former employer’s health plan by paying for it themselves. This can extend for up to 18 months, which gives ample time for an employee to arrange for new employment.

KanCare (Medicaid) & Low Income Health Insurance Kansas

This is the program that’s the state’s version of Medicaid. It offers health insurance assistance to more than 415,000 people all across the state. The state works with three managed care organizations (MCOs) to coordinate the health care for all the Medicaid enrollees. These three health plans available are the Sunflower Health Plan, the United Healthcare Community Plan of Kansas, and Amerigroup of Kansas, Inc.

The health services that run through KanCare include physical health services like doctor visits and hospital services. These also include services for behavioral health, pharmacy coverage, vision and dental care, nursing facility care, and transportation.

The HealthWave and HealthConnect Kansas have now ended, and the services they offer are now provided through the KanCare health plans as well.

Medical Coverage for Parents and Caregivers of Children

This is the program for families with children are under the age of 19 and who live at home. This covers either the children who live with their parents or who live with their legal guardians.

There is no resource limit, but there is an income ceiling to be eligible for the program. The household income for a family of two should not exceed $522 per month. The limit is $659 for three and $795 for four, with an increase of $137 to the ceiling for every additional person after that. When considering the income, it must be noted that the household income includes VA benefits, unemployment benefits, and even child support in addition to the wages.

Medical Coverage for Pregnant Women

This is the state program for Kansas residents who are pregnant. To be eligible, you also have to be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen. There are also income limitations depending on the size of the household, with the unborn child counted as a member of the family. Again, assets aren’t considered for the program.

If you’re a single pregnant woman living alone, then your monthly income must not exceed $2,346. The limit is $2,962 for three, $3,577 for four, and $4,193 for a family of five. Any additional person after that adds another $616 to the income ceiling. If you’re pregnant and a minor, or you’re counted as a tax dependent, then your parents will be considered part of the household.

Medical Coverage for Children

This is for children in Kansas who are 18 years old or younger. The program also only accepts US citizens or eligible non-citizens. Again, assets and resources are not factored in, but the wages and other income of the entire family are analyzed.

For infants less than a year old, the family income must not exceed 171% of the federal poverty level. The limit is 149% of the FPL for children ages one to five and 113% FPL for children ranging from six to 18.

KanCare CHIP

It’s very possible that a child can be part of the family whose household income exceeds KanCare income ceilings, yet the family may still have trouble affording private insurance. With KanCare CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), at least the children of those households can still obtain proper health insurance to see to their well-being.

To qualify, the child must not be covered by any other health insurance plan. If the family voluntarily dropped their health insurance plan, there may be a waiting period before their child becomes eligible for KanCare CHIP. The income ceiling is 241% of the FPL.


This program is for Kansas residents who have physical or mental disabilities and do qualify for other state or federal medical programs. The income ceiling is very low, and patients can only receive benefits for 12 months. Resources are also factored in, although they don’t include the home, car, and assets under $2,000.

Kansas Open Enrollment 2019 & Kansas Obamacare Insurance

The Kansas Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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