Health Insurance Plans in Kansas

Three health insurance companies in Kansas sell policies on the state exchange. You can purchase policies from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Medica Insurance Company, and Sunflower State Health Plan. Medica Insurance Company offers policies in each county, while Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas offers policies in most of the counties. Sunflower State Health Plan is only available in Johnson and Wyandotte Counties. You can purchase plans based on metal tier regardless of where you live. Get the details on the cheapest plan by tier.

Cheap Health Insurance Plans in Kansas by Metal Tier

Looking at the most affordable health insurance plans in Kansas by metal tier is an excellent starting point. This will give you a better idea of what you can expect when looking for cheap health insurance in Kansas. These quotes are based on the average costs for a 40-year-old living in Kansas.

Catastrophic health insurance plans in Kansas are at the bottom of the metal tiers. Medica Connect Catastrophic is the cheapest of the plans, with a monthly premium of $310. The deductible and out-of-pocket maximum are $7,350.

Bronze plans are next on the list, with the BlueCare EPO Simple Bronze HDHP being the most affordable. The monthly premium is $329, and the deductible and out-of-pocket maximum are $6,500.

Kansas also offers an Expanded Bronze tier. The average monthly premium is $345, and the deductible and out-of-pocket maximum are $7,150.

Silver plans are a top option for people looking for cheap health insurance in Kansas. The BlueCare EPO Simple Silver HDHP is the most affordable with a monthly premium of $459. The deductible and out-of-pocket maximum are $4,000.

Finally, you can get a Gold tier plan. The BlueCare EPO Gold is the cheapest. The premium is $426, the deductible is $1,500, and the out-of-pocket maximum is $3,500.

These quotes are based on an average 40-year-old, and prices might be higher or lower depending on your age. For example, a 21-year-old pays an average of $116 per month less for a Silver plan, while a 60-year-old pays significantly more a month. You can get a quote based on your age and location to determine how much you will have to pay for health insurance.

Choosing Health Insurance Plans in Kansas

Analyzing premiums is important when comparing health insurance plans in Kansas. You also need to consider the metal tier. The tier you choose will determine your premium and out-of-pocket expenses. The key is to select a tier that offers the coverage you need without paying more than necessary each month.

Gold Plans – Ideal for High Medical Costs

Gold plans are the optimal choice for people with chronic health conditions or medical health needs. If you go to the doctor regularly, require specialists, and take a lot of medications, these plans are likely the right choice. The premiums are the highest of all the tiers, but the out-of-pocket expenses are the lowest. The money you’ll save on out-of-pocket costs offsets the high premiums if you have significant medical needs. This can be the cheapest option if you go to the doctor or see specialists regularly.

However, these plans aren’t necessary for people who don’t have many medical needs. Those people won’t benefit as much from the low out-of-pocket costs since they won’t use the insurance very often. If you fall into that category, a Silver, Bronze, or Catastrophic plan might be the right choice.

Silver Plans – Ideal for Average Medical Costs and/or Low Incomes

Silver plans are the most popular of the health insurance plans in Kansas. The out-of-pocket costs are lower than Bronze plans, and the premiums are more affordable than Gold plans. Also, if you are a low-income household, you might be eligible for a cost-sharing reduction subsidy that reduces the out-of-pocket expenses even more. This is the only tier that is eligible for cost-sharing reduction subsidies, so keep that in mind when looking for cheap health insurance in Kansas.

Catastrophic and Bronze Plans – Ideal for Healthy Young People

If you are young and healthy, the high premiums that come with Silver and Gold plans are cause for concern. You may not use your health insurance that often, so it doesn’t make sense to pay a high premium each month. That’s why Catastrophic and Bronze level plans are so popular for young and healthy people. While the premiums are lower, the out-of-pocket maximum and deductibles are much higher. That means you can expect to pay a lot before the coverage kicks in. This isn’t a problem in most cases, but you can expect to spend more if you have a medical emergency. Don’t get one of these plans unless you have enough money on hand to cover a medical emergency.

Bronze plans are available to all Kansas residents, but Catastrophic plans are only available to people who are 30 or younger. If you are over 30, you might still be able to get one of these plans if you qualify for an exemption.

Short-Term Health Insurance in Kansas

If you lost your employer-sponsored health coverage or you missed open enrollment, you might need a short-term health insurance policy. Short-term health insurance policies come with up to one year of coverage and you can renew your coverage only once.

Limits are in place because these policies fail to cover essential health needs. You can also be denied for short-term health insurance in Kansas if you have a pre-existing health condition. These policies do not meet the Affordable Care Act’s guidelines and thus aren’t available on the state’s health insurance exchange.

Get Help Comparing Health Insurance Plans in Kansas

Are you unsure of the type of coverage you need? Choosing from the different health insurance plans available in Kansas isn’t easy; fortunately, you can get help by speaking to a licensed insurance agent. Call 1-888-497-1683 to compare plans and choose the appropriate amount of coverage. This decision is an important one, let the professionals guide you today.

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