Not everyone has adequate Louisiana health insurance coverage. An estimated one out of nine (11%) are uninsured, and that doesn’t even count the underinsured residents of the state. For the uninsured, it means that the need for medical services may become unaffordable or downright financially disastrous considering that the average daily cost for inpatient hospital services is $1,782.

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Group & Small Business Health Insurance Louisiana

Many residents in Louisiana don’t have to get health insurance from the private marketplace because they take advantage of the health plan available through their employer. An employer-sponsored health insurance plan offers several advantages if you’re an employee. The most obvious advantage is that the premium cost for you will be remarkably lower. That’s because the employer pays for a significant portion of your monthly premium.

The other main advantage is that the insurance carrier cannot deny coverage for you if you’re an eligible employee. So you can get insurance for yourself and your dependents even if you have preexisting medical conditions that may prevent you from obtaining private health insurance.

It can be worrisome if you do lose your job, as that can lead to a lapse in coverage. If such a lapse is allowed to go on for more than 63 days, it can enable the health insurance company to deny coverage for treatment for your pre-existing condition for the first year of your policy.

You can, however, extend the coverage of your previous employer’s health insurance plan through the COBRA program. COBRA allows you to pay for the premiums of the previous plans on your own so you can maintain coverage. This is allowed for the next 18 months to give you time to secure your next job.

Medicare, Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Louisiana

These are the two most well-known health insurance assistance programs in the US. Medicare is designed for adults over the age of 65 while Medicaid is meant to help low-income families, along with the people who may need special help with health insurance.

With Louisiana Medicaid, children and their families can get health insurance even for free as long as the household meets various requirements. There are various programs available through Medicaid, and they have their own sets of requirements. Often, there’s an income ceiling requirement to help make sure that only the financially needy can get the assistance they need.

Medicaid coverage includes doctor visits for primary care, preventive services, and emergency services. It also covers hospitalization and home health care. The General Medicaid program even offers coverage for children who already have health insurance through other means, as long as their family income is below certain guidelines.


Medicaid income ceilings in Louisiana can be quite low, so it’s not uncommon for a family to exceed the limits and still be unable to afford private health insurance. That’s distressing news as it can keep children from receiving the medical services they sorely need in their formative years.

The federal Children’s Health Insurance Program is meant to address this issue, as it offers medical coverage for children. In Louisiana, this is known as LaCHIP, and it offers health insurance coverage for children under the age of 19. For this program, the income ceiling requirements are higher than traditional Medicaid standards.

Children cannot be eligible for this program if they already have other health insurance. To qualify for no-cost LaCHIP, the children must also belong to families whose household income does not exceed 217% of the federal poverty level (FPL). The maximum allowed monthly income is $2,937 for a family of 2, $3,693 for a household of 3, and $4,449 for a family of 4.

You can terminate your child’s health insurance plan once your child is enrolled in LaCHIP, and there’s no waiting period for terminating the health insurance. You can also get the LaCHIP benefits for your child for 12 continuous months even if your family’s combined income increases to exceed the limit during the year. A review of your child’s eligibility is done after 12 months.

No-cost LaCHIP means that you don’t have to pay for premiums or copayments, or even enrollment fees. There are no deductibles as well. However, there is a LaCHIP Affordable plan for children whose families have an income that exceeds the LaCHIP limits but doesn’t go past 250% of the FPL. The LaCHIP Affordable plan requires a monthly premium of $50.

Family Opportunity Act Medicaid

Children with disabilities may be uninsured or underinsured because their family income may be too high for Medicaid or LaCHIP. But they can get the coverage they need through the Family Opportunity Act Medicaid program.


This program covers the medical expenses for pregnant women whose incomes fall within certain guidelines. The coverage includes doctor visits, prescription medicine, lab work, delivery, and hospital care. The coverage period also extends up to 60 days after delivery.


This is the Louisiana Health Insurance Premium Pay program. This program can pay for your employer-sponsored insurance if you or a member of your family receives Medicaid.

Louisiana Open Enrollment 2019 & Louisiana Obamacare Insurance

The Louisiana Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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