Health Insurance Options in Maryland

2018 Obamacare Open Enrollment Period from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. You can purchase health insurance for the upcoming year through the state-based marketplace (


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State-based Marketplace

The state of Maryland has opted to create a state-based marketplace, meaning you cannot go to if you’re a state resident. Instead, you’ll have to go to and register in order to purchase a plan during the Open Enrollment Period.

Simplified Process

The aim of this state-based marketplace is to give the power back to the people, who can compare and browse a variety of plans based on their financial capabilities and medical needs. Keep in mind; the Affordable Care Act prevents insurers from discriminating based on certain pre-existing issues, which means every resident can enroll without the fear of rejection.

Tax Credits

If you’re planning on purchasing a health insurance plan through the state marketplace, you’re eligible for certain tax credits. These federal tax credits can partially subsidize the cost of your monthly premium.

Confused About Health Care?

This subject is very complex and a lot of Americans still have a lot of questions regarding the Open Enrollment Period. If you’re truly unsure how to proceed, you can call one of our HealthQuoteInfo agents at 855-614-505.