It can be difficult to find the right health plan, and in Mississippi, more than a third of the population has no health insurance whatsoever. HealthQuoteInfo aims to provide the support you need in this process. It doesn’t help that over the last few years, Mississippi health insurance premiums have risen by more than 80%.

However, if you can afford private insurance, there is no difficulty in finding suitable plans available in your location for both individual and family plans. Enter your zip code in our search bar and plans from carriers like Cigna, Humana, and Golden Rule will be displayed for you to review.

Small Business Health Insurance Mississippi

While large firms tend to provide health benefits to their employees, there is no reason for small businesses not to offer the same privilege.

As an employee, you can take advantage of these plans which allows you to have coverage even if you have a preexisting condition. You may also find these plans more affordable because the employer pays for a portion of the premiums.

However, you need to take care not to have an overly extended lapse in coverage which will allow insurance carriers to check on your medical history for the last six months. If you’ve been diagnosed or treated for any of the preexisting conditions on their list, then they may exclude coverage for that condition for the first 12 months of your new employer-sponsored policy.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Mississippi

While Medicare offers health benefits mostly for senior citizens over the age of 65, Medicaid is for those who haven’t reached that age yet. It’s primarily low-income families as well as for people with special needs.

The eligibility standards depend mainly on the kind of program you enroll in and the range of benefits you receive. Your household income will often be factored in a well, and Medicaid will base it on the federal poverty level. Your life circumstances will also be considered.

For example, if you’re working and you’re disabled, your income cannot exceed 250% of the federal poverty level. Pregnant women should have an income ceiling that’s 194% of the FPL. For qualified Medicare beneficiaries who are eligible for Medicare Part A insurance, the income ceiling is just 100% of the FPL.

Disabled children living at home can also be eligible if they require a level of care that’s usually provided by a long-term care facility or hospital. Other groups covered include the blind, disabled, or aged.

If you receive the full benefits, the covered services will include office visits, hospital care, long-term care, inpatient psychiatric services, prescription drugs, and even eyeglasses.

Additional Medicaid Covered Services

There are other types of services available such as dental services and transportation services, but they have to be deemed medically necessary.

Covered dental services include general dentistry, oral surgery, and orthodontia. Durable medical equipment including prosthetics can also be covered. Air transportation types that may be covered include air transportation, emergency transport, and non-emergency medical transport.

Other additional services can be covered as part of hospital care, mental health services, professional medical services such as podiatry and chiropractic services, and various types of facilities including nursing facilities.


This is the managed care program that’s mandatory for certain types of Medicaid beneficiaries. These include those earning supplementary security income, the working disabled, those with breast and cervical cancer, newborns with a family income that’s 100% FPL or , children under the age of 6 with 133% FPL, children under 19 with 100% FPL, previous CHIP-qualified applicants who earn 100-130% FPL, and parents and caretakers.

Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT)

The Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) program offers preventive and comprehensive health services for children under the age of 21. This has been expanded, so it is now known as the Expanded Mississippi Early and Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT).


It’s important that you have your child protected by health insurance coverage or by CHIP even before they get sick. CHIP stands for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and it offers health benefits for children whose families earn more than the allowed limits set by Medicaid. It is for children who haven’t yet reached their 19th birthday, and who also don’t have any current health insurance coverage. In fact, a child must be deemed ineligible for Medicaid before they can be enrolled into the Mississippi CHIP program.

CHIP offers a wide range of benefits as well, and there are no premiums to pay or deductibles to consider. However, some families with higher income may have to pay a small copayment amount for certain types of medical services.

While some women may not qualify for Medicaid, they may still be eligible for the Family Planning services that Medicaid offers. The range of benefits includes one yearly visit as well as subsequent visits that are limited to their birth control methods.

Emergency Services for Immigrants

If you’re a legal immigrant, you may also be eligible for Medicaid if you meet the requirements. A valid Social Security number is required, but if you can’t provide that information, it’s still possible for other members of your household to qualify for Medicaid if they have a Social Security Number.

Emergency services are also available for immigrants regardless of their immigration status. The emergency service will continue until the patient is stabilized and no longer in an emergency situation.

Mississippi Open Enrollment 2019 & Mississippi Obamacare Insurance

The Mississippi Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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