Nebraska Individual and Family Health Insurance Plans

Compare Quotes on Private Health Insurance in Nebraska

Shopping for individual and family health insurance in Nebraska is easy when you use works with the top insurance providers in the state and gives quotes in an instant. Compare rates and benefits and choose the right plan for your needs.

Do You Need a Private Health Insurance Plan?

Health insurance can be confusing, and you might not know if you need a new plan. A private NE individual health insurance plan or family health insurance plan might be the right choice if:

  • You can’t get insurance through work
  • You are self-employed
  • Your group plan doesn’t cover your spouse or children
  • Your premiums are too high on your current health care plan
  • Your insurance plan no longer meets your needs
  • You don’t meet the minimum essential coverage guideline set forth by the Affordable Care Act
  • You lost your health insurance after a legal separation or divorce
  • Someone on your current plan has passed away, causing you to lose eligibility
  • You have moved, and your current insurance company doesn’t operate in Nebraska

The Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance – What You Need to Know

A lot has changed since the last time you purchased individual or family health insurance in Nebraska. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is now in effect, and it makes it much easier to find affordable plans. If you purchase health insurance through the ACA’s marketplace, you might be eligible for premium tax credits and savings based on your income. That means you can pay lower premiums and claim some of the costs on your taxes.

Open enrollment occurs at the end of each year (November 1 to December 15), but certain life changes allow you to buy family or individual health insurance in NE during the Special Enrollment Period. These changes include marriage, divorce, changes in residence, and loss of health insurance.

When you get a quote at, the insurance company will walk you through the process and let you know if you’re eligible to enroll in the marketplace.