New Hampshire may be a small state, but it has a large number of state-run programs designed to help you have access to health care services. Some individuals may be able to obtain private or employer-sponsored insurance, but the state also offers many government programs to help low-income residents, as well as those with special needs, get New Hampshire health insurance coverage.

Private Health Insurance New Hampshire

With private insurance, you can choose the plan that has the benefits you need the most, and you don’t have to pay for medical services that aren’t applicable to your specific situation.

For federally-approved plans, you can purchase health insurance through the New Hampshire exchange. There have been many changes to this private marketplace over the years, but three carriers still offer plans in the official exchange. These are Ambetter by Celtic, Anthem Blue Cross Shield of New Hampshire, and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care of New England.

Dental plans are also available in the exchange, and for residents of New Hampshire, the carriers of these dental plans come from Anthem and Delta Dental.

For more options, you only need to enter your zip code in our search bar. That will enable you to view all the health insurance plans and determine the most appropriate health plan for your family.

ESI & Small Business Health Insurance New Hampshire

Employer-sponsored insurance is another option for many New Hampshire residents. Many companies offer health benefits to attract qualified personnel for their workforce. Many employees choose this option because their employers pay for a substantial portion of the monthly premiums.

This type of insurance also requires carriers to accept enrollees who have preexisting medical conditions. It is essential that as an employee, you don’t have a lapse of coverage for more than 63 days, however. A lapse allows private carriers to review your medical history for the last six months. They may then refuse coverage for your medical condition for the first 12 months of your new policy.

A lapse of coverage is not impossible, especially if you lose your job or eligibility for the work-sponsored. Your health plan as a new employee may also only take effect after awaiting period. You can avoid such a lapse with the COBRA program, which allows you to pay for the monthly premiums of your previous employer’s health plan until you have new health insurance.

MAGI Medicaid for Adults & Low Income Health Insurance New Hampshire

Medicaid is the state-run program that provides free or low-cost health coverage for people with low income and special circumstances. The MAGI programs are those that use the Modified Adjusted Gross Income to determine whether you’re eligible for the program you’re applying for.

The medical assistance programs that use this standard include medical assistance for pregnant women and parents (or caretakers), Family Planning, the NH Health Protection Program (NHHPP) and the NH Health Protection Program – Medically Frail programs.

The eligibility rules can be quite long, which is why we often field questions about New Hampshire applications. A simple way to discover whether you’re qualified for any of the programs is to send in your application. The Medicaid personnel will them inform you as to what plans you’re entitled to or eligible for.

Part of the eligibility guidelines requires you to be a US citizen or a legal alien. You also have to be a resident of the state, and that you intend to remain in New Hampshire. A student in one of the universities here will not qualify for New Hampshire Medicaid. There are also financial guidelines, and these require that your total income should not exceed certain limits.

The state also offers Special Rules for Family Planning Medical Assistance (FPMA), which provides family planning services for individuals who are not on Medicaid and who are not pregnant. This service is for both men and women. While there is no health requirement, they women should be of child-bearing age.

Non-MAGI Programs for Adults

For these programs, the financial requirements include both an income ceiling and an asset limit. The counted income includes wages and self-employed income, rental income, and veterans and Social Security benefits. The considered household resources are cash, stocks, and bonds, along with some vehicles. Your home, your furniture, and in most cases your care is not factored in for your eligibility.

The programs in this group include those that help the aged, blind, and disabled. These are the Aid to the Needy Blind (ANB) medical assistance, Aid to the Permanently and Totally Disabled (APTD) medical assistance, and Old Age Assistance (OAA) medical assistance.

Nursing Facility services are also in this group. Other related programs in this group are various home and community-based care (HCBC) services, which include Choices for Independence (CFI).

Other programs include the Medicare Savings Programs, Medicaid for Employed Adults with Disabilities (MEAD), Breast and Cervical Cancer Program (BCCP), Refugee medical assistance (RMA) and Emergency Medicaid for Noncitizens.

Medicaid for Children

Depending on the specific program, the “children” eligible are either under 19 or 20 years of age. They again must be NH resident and either US citizens or legal immigrants.

The programs in this group include the Children’s Medicaid (CM) which offers free health and dental coverage for children up to age 20 if their family income does not exceed 96% of the federal poverty levels (FPL). The Expanded CM version applies to children under 19 whose family income exceeds 196% FPL but does not go over $318 FPL.

Other programs available for children are the Children with Severe Disabilities (CSD) and the Home Care for Children with Severe Disabilities (HCCSD).

New Hampshire Open Enrollment 2019 & New Hampshire Obamacare Insurance

The New Hampshire Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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