New Jersey Student Health Insurance

When you’re in college, it can be easy to neglect your health. You have the entire world at your fingertips, and nothing could possibly go wrong. However, life happens, and a simple trip to the emergency room could put a serious dent in your college budget. You can avoid paying a significant amount of money by having an New Jersey student health insurance plan. Students have quite a few choices when it comes to health insurance, so there is no reason to go without.

Coverage Options

Remain on Your Parents’ Plan: Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), people can stay on their parents’ insurance plans until the age of 26. This is an excellent option if you live in the same state as your parents. If you live in a different state, this may affect your plan. For example, if your parents live in Illinois and you attend school in New Jersey, their plan may not have a reliable provider network close to your school. You might have to pay more for routine exams and emergency services.

Enroll in a School Sponsored Plan: Some colleges offer basic health insurance plans for students. These plans are often low-cost but do your homework before signing up. Some plans only provide coverage for on-campus services. In addition, for some plans, you are required to be a full-time student.

Purchase Student Health Insurance: Some insurance companies offer student health insurance plans in NJ. These plans work just like traditional health insurance. You can use the insurance at various medical facilities across the United States, and some plans offer additional discounts on extras like massages. As always, it’s important to read the fine print. Some companies require students to pay the entire premium at once instead of making monthly payments.

Get an Individual or Family Plan: Students also have the option of purchasing individual or family health insurance. offers quotes from the top insurance companies in New Jersey. Look at the various quotes and choose a carrier.

Dependency Rules – Can You Stay on Your Parents’ Insurance Policy?

The ACA mandated that children can stay on their parents’ plans until they are 26 years old. The plan remains in effect even if they move out of the home, stop going to school, get married, or experience another major life event. Once the child turns 26, they become eligible for individual or family insurance during the Special Enrollment Period.

Do You Have to Get Coverage?

Student health insurance in New Jersey is highly recommended; some schools even require it. Those without health insurance should be aware that most universities require payment at the time of medical services. Unpaid bills can be transferred to your Bursar’s account. If the charges are not paid immediately, you could be prevented from registering for courses, and current courses could be canceled.

Determining the Right Plan

Choosing the right student health insurance in NJ  is simple. Assess your current situation, ask yourself what you need out of your coverage and pick the appropriate plan.

Are you staying in the same state as your parents? Consider staying on your parents’ plan or getting student health insurance.

Do you need independent coverage? Student health insurance is likely the right choice.

Are you planning on traveling? Be wary of school-sponsored plans since they rarely provide coverage around the country.

Once you answer these questions, get quotes from reliable insurance providers, and select the New Jersey student health insurance plan that suits you.