Determining the right health insurance plan in North Dakota can be complicated for many residents. There are too many options to pick from and too many factors to consider; not to mention, the details can be overwhelming. At HealthQuoteInfo, we are always ready to offer our help in guiding you towards your most suitable choices.

Private North Dakota Health Insurance

North Dakota does not have its own health insurance exchange, so enrollments in on-marketplace plans have to be completed through North Dakota is also one of just two states that keep insurers from adding the cost of cost-sharing reductions to the premiums. Due to this aspect, Medica left the North Dakota exchange.

You do still have some options if you’re looking for private insurance in North Dakota. The official marketplace still features plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and Sanford. To find out which plans are available for your location, you can just enter your zip code into our search bar.

You will then get a list of plans to choose from. You should check the details carefully, so you can pick an affordable plan that also offers the benefits you need. We can help with that with our expertise. The advantage of private health insurance is that you have many choices to pick from.

Work-Sponsored & Small Business Health Insurance North Dakota

Employers use a group plan to allow businesses to offer health insurance benefits to their workers. This can be part of the compensation package and the businesses with such benefits can attract more qualified personnel. Employees generally find employer-sponsored insurance (ESI) much more affordable than private health insurance, because the employer contributes towards paying for a large portion of the premiums.

If you’re about to lose your job or eligibility for ESI, you can still maintain coverage by paying for your premiums yourself. This is allowed by the COBRA program, which can extend the coverage for an extra 18 months. This extension period allows you enough time to obtain proper health insurance from another job or through the private marketplace.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance North Dakota

Medicaid offers health insurance coverage for special groups of applicants who have special needs or who have low income. It offers a very wide range of health benefits that you may find in private insurance plans. It can even include coverage for hospice services, chiropractor services, sterilization, non-emergency transportation speech therapies, and podiatric services. Some services, such as an organ transplant, must first be approved. However, other services such as private rooms in a basic care facility or nursing home, custodial care, and acupuncture are not covered.

The Medicaid program has been expanded to allow even more residents of the state to qualify. Now adults are eligible if their income does not exceed 138% of the federal poverty level. Also included are children in foster care or subsidized adoption, with disabilities, and former children of foster care up to the age of 26 (in some circumstances). Women who are pregnant or have breast or cervical cancer can qualify. Low-income Medicare beneficiaries may also be eligible, along with workers with disabilities.

Medicaid income level limits depend on the size of the household, and new limits have been set effective April 1, 2018. For a family of four, the full coverage for an entire family can be obtained if the family income level is no more than $1,048 a month.

The medically needy such as the aged, blind, or disabled have an income limit of $1,737 per month. This is also the income limit of applicants who may have to pay a percentage of their medical expenses.

Pregnant women (whose unborn child is counted as part of the household) must have an income limit within $3,180 for a family of 4. The children from ages six to 19, alon withg those eligible due to the Medicaid expansion, can get the benefits if their family income for four people does not exceed $2,887 per month.

Workers with disabilities can receive benefits if there are employed or about to be employed, between 16 and 65 years old, and a disability according to Social Security Administration guidelines. The income guideline specifies a maximum monthly income of $4,707 a month. To receive the benefits, you have to pay a one-time fee of $100 for enrollment, and your monthly premium is equivalent to 5% of your gross or pretax income.

Health Steps

This is North Dakota’s version of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Children who are US citizens or legal aliens, who do not have insurance or Medicaid, and who are at 18 years old at the most can be eligible for the program. Children with qualifying homes may also be eligible, as are 18-year-old individuals.

The income ceiling is 175% of the federal poverty level. That’s an annual income of $21,245 for an individual and $43,925 for a family of 4.

Health Tracks

Many families know that medical expenses can be reduced significantly if their child’s medical issues are discovered as quickly as possible. This can be done with the Health Tracks program, which is North Dakota’s version of the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT).

This includes coverage for exams and checks for physical health, hearing and vision, and behavioral health. Hearing aids and eyeglasses can be covered, along with braces.

Those with Medicaid benefits enjoy these services for free, though others may have to pay for some of the cost of several services.

North Dakota Open Enrollment 2019 & North Dakota Obamacare Insurance

The North Dakota Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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