In many ways, the residents of Pennsylvania can consider themselves fortunate to be living in this state. That’s because PA has one of the lowest uninsured rates in the entire nation, and the residents have plenty of choices when it comes to obtaining affordable and also proper ACA-compliant health insurance plans. HealthQuoteInfo aims to provide the support you need in this process. It helps to compensate for the unfortunate fact that Pennsylvania ranks 48th  in the nation in terms of air pollution.

ACA-Compliant Plans

Pennsylvania has an exchange from where their state residents can obtain health insurance that is guaranteed to comply with ACA requirements regarding essential benefits. For most of the country in 2018, these state exchanges saw numerous carriers making an exit. But Pennsylvania carriers that offered health plans in the exchange in 2017 continued to do so in 2018.

These carriers are Capital Advantage Assurance, First Priority Health (HMO), Geisinger Health Plan, Highmark, Inc. (EPO and PPO), Highmark Health Insurance Company (PPO), Keystone Health Plan Central (Independence Blue Cross HMO), QCC Insurance Company (Independence Blue Cross PPO), and UPMC Health Options (PPO and EPO).

Not all counties in the state have all the insurers offering plans for their location. In some counties, there may only be one or two insurers offering plans available in the exchange. There may be available plans off the exchange as well.

To find the plans that are available for the county you live in, you only need to use our search bar. Entering your zip code will provide you with the various plans available for your area so that you can find it easier to compare and choose from the plans.

Having private insurance makes sure you and your family members have proper coverage, especially if you obtain your insurance from the Pennsylvania exchange. You may have to face tax penalties otherwise if you don’t have proper insurance.

Work-Sponsored & Small Business Health Insurance Pennsylvania

Employees in Pennsylvania can obtain their health coverage through their workplace. Many of the larger companies offer these health plans because they face tax penalties otherwise. However, many of them would have probably offered them anyway because they can help in recruiting qualified workers and they can help increase employee morale and work productivity.

Many employees see this as a more convenient way to obtain insurance because their employers are virtually guaranteed to pick health plans with the essential coverage. In addition, the costs of these plans are more affordable because employers cover a significant percentage of the monthly premiums.

If you lose eligibility for this insurance do to reduced work hours or loss of employment, you can use the COBRA program to extend the coverage of the policy for up to 18 additional months. The extension period provides you with enough time to obtain private insurance or a new job that offers work-sponsored health insurance.

Medical Assistance & Low Income Health Insurance Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, Medicaid is called Medical Assistance though people regularly just refer to it as MA. This program pays for a wide range of healthcare services for the qualified residents of the state.

Due to the Medicaid expansion, eligibility requirements have been loosened for adults and now they can qualify if their family income is within 138% of the federal poverty level. This is an annual income of $34638 for a household of 4.

Children have less restrictive requirements to help them obtain the medical coverage they need, and that’s because of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. With either MA or CHIP, children in Pennsylvania can obtain proper health coverage if their family income does not exceed 319% FPL. That’s a more generous income ceiling, with a maximum annual income of $80,069 for a family of 4.

The Medical Assistance for Children and Pregnant Women is for children up through the age of 18, although it also offers full health coverage for pregnant women. Their newborn infants are also automatically enrolled into the program until the reach their first birthday. Enrollees in this program enjoy the full range of coverage for medical services, with pregnant women also enjoying additional services such as prenatal care and services to combat low birth weight and infant mortality.

MA offers HealthChoices, and this the name for the managed care programs under MA. It offers medical services not just for physical health but for behavioral health as well.

Community HealthChoices

Medicare is the federal program that offers assistance to the elderly and to those with disabilities. If you have both Medicaid and Medicare benefits, you’re covered under the Community HealthChoices in Pennsylvania. You can also qualify if you get long-term support through Medicaid so you can obtain assistance for everyday tasks.

Family Planning

Women who are otherwise ineligible for MA, are not pregnant, and have legal US citizenship or immigration status can also qualify for the Pennsylvania Family Planning program. However, this program is also open to men and teens as well. This program has an income ceiling requirement of 215% FPL, or an annual income of $53,965 for a family of four.

The services not only include birth control supplies and medications, but it also offers services for STDs. It provides STD vaccines, screening procedures, and even treatments for STDs. It Provides HIV detection, and it offers preventive information and safe-sex practices. Other services include screening for testicular and breast cancer. It even helps patients who wish to stop smoking.

Pennsylvania Open Enrollment 2019 & Pennsylvania Obamacare Insurance

The Pennsylvania Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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