One of the few bright spots in the Tennessee health insurance landscape is that virtually all the children in the state are properly insured. For the adults who still do not have insurance, there are several ways to obtain a health plan that covers the needs of your family or just yourself. To get some guidance in obtaining such plans, you can get in touch with us here at HealthQuoteInfo and we’d be happy to offer our assistance.

Private Health Insurance in Tennessee

To get a list of the available health care plans for your particular county, you can just enter your zip code into our search bar. You will then get the particular health insurance policies in the private market which may suit your specific needs.

A private health insurance policy can be acquired on or off the official exchange of Tennessee. Private insurance from the official market comes from private carriers such as Oscar Health Insurance Company, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. For 2019, Bright Health of Tennessee will also offer health plans in the state.

It is perhaps more affordable to acquire health insurance from the official exchange, and that’s because you can qualify for government subsidies in the form of tax credits. About 85% of enrollees in the Tennessee exchange receive federal government financial assistance.

However, it must be noted that paying full price (if you don’t qualify for tax credits) can involve high prices for private insurance plans. In 2017, the plans in the official exchange increased in prices ranging from 46% to 62%.

Work-Sponsored H& Small Business Health Insurance Tennessee

ESI or employer-sponsored insurance is often more affordable, as part of the premium is paid for by your employer. Most large companies offer health benefits to compete for workers and to avoid tax penalties for failing to do so. Smaller companies are not required to offer similar plans, but some still do to enjoy the increase in company morale and productivity and to attract qualified applicants for open employment positions.

Because of the COBRA program, you also don not automatically lose the coverage of your ESI if you lose your job. The COBRA program allows you to maintain coverage by paying for the premiums yourself while you secure new employment with a new health plan. The extension can last for as long as 18 months, and during that time you can obtain private insurance if you prefer.

TennCare & Low Income Health Insurance Tennessee

This is Tennessee’s version of the Medicaid program, which offers health care coverage for certain groups of people within a specified income requirement and it is based on the federal poverty level.

For children under 19 years of age, the eligibility standards depend on their particular age. Infants within their first year are eligible if their family income doesn’t exceed 195% of the FPL. For a family of four, that’s maximum yearly income of $48,945. Children from ages one to six qualify with an income ceiling of 142% FPL, or $35,642 for a family of four. The rest of the children under 19 can enroll in the program if they have an income of no more than 133% FPL a year, or $33,383 per year.

With the Children’s Health Insurance Program, the income ceilings are even higher. CHIP enables children to enjoy full coverage at very little cost (or even free) if the child has a family income of no more than 250% FPL. That’s a ceiling of $62,750 per year for a family of four. CHIP helps explain why virtually all the children in the state are insured.

However, for some children with family income greater than 200%, the medical services may come with copayments.

The parents and caretaker relatives can also qualify for Medicaid assistance, but the eligibility requirements for income are much more stringent. A family of four is limited to a monthly income of just $2,113.

Pregnant women can also get the full coverage they need for their health and to get medical assistance related to their pregnancy. The unborn child is considered part of the household already, and a family of two (the pregnant woman and the child) has an income ceiling of $32,097 per year. A family of four has an income ceiling of $48,945.

Their newborn children are also automatically covered, and the coverage lasts for one year. After that, the eligibility rules for children apply.

Medicaid also accepts the aged, blind, and disabled. An individual is limited to a monthly income ceiling of $750, with a resource limit of $2,000. A couple cannot earn more than $1,125 a month to qualify, and their resources cannot exceed $3,000 in value.

Those who need care in a Nursing Facility, intermediate care facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID), or get Home and Community-based Services (HCBS), can also qualify. The monthly income limit is 300% of the SSI benefit rate, or $2205 a month. There’s also a resource limit of $2,000.

Uninsured women with breast or cervical cancer can also obtain Medicare assistance. They can immediately get temporary coverage under presumptive eligibility for 45 days, while they spend the time applying for Medicaid.

TennCare also offers Medicare cost-sharing programs, which covers part of the Medicare premiums or even copayments and deductibles. To qualify for this particular program, they need to have an income of no more than 135 FPL. Those with disabilities, however, can qualify with income within 200% FPL.

Tennessee Open Enrollment 2019 & Tennessee Obamacare Insurance

The Tennessee Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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