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Virginia Health Insurance Basics: What Every Resident Needs to Know

Like in other states, there are specific requirements for an individual to become eligible for a health insurance policy in Virginia. Your health status is at the top of this list as it’s the first thing providers base their decisions on. They will check if you have pre-existing conditions and decide your rates accordingly. Your employment status and income are also important factors on whether you’ll be able to get a policy in this state.

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Before going into detail what policies are available to Virginia residents, it’s important to lay out the local insurance landscape first. There are a couple of things that Virginians need to know if they intend to take out a policy in this state.

Employer-Sponsored & Small Business Health Insurance Vermont

For starters, you have various options when it comes to the type of policy you can get. Individual policies are easily available if you do not have employer-sponsored insurance. These packages include various benefits and inclusions so you have options when choosing which one suits your needs best.

Group policies, however, remain to be some of the most popular options. While there are no laws in Virginia that require employers to provide such a benefit, a lot of employers still offer it. To promote the practice, the Affordable Care Act created the Small Business Health Options Program Marketplace (SHOP) so even small businesses can be motivated to offer health insurance to their employees. This program makes it easier for them to shop around for group policies.

Aside from saving you from the hassle of shopping for your own policy, group policies are also attractive because a portion of your premium is paid by your employer. They can contribute about 16 to 27% of the monthly costs which can help lessen your financial burdens. There’s also a better chance of not getting denied coverage through a group plan since the medical underwriting is done for the group and not individually.

In Virginia, an employee might also be given the chance to choose the kind of coverage they’ll get from their group policy. It depends on the employer but some will let you choose from a set of plans in the same level of coverage instead of just giving your entire team the same plan.

Like other group health insurance packages, however, group policies available in Virginia have quite a few limitations as well. While it seems convenient for a lot of people since it has its benefits, it can still be quite restricting.

How? As mentioned above, such policies will medically underwrite you as a group and not individually. This means that instead of basing your policy’s rates according to your health status, it will be based on how healthy your group is. This means that you might be paying for a lot more than you should be if you were individually medically underwritten.

Some companies also have waiting periods when it comes to offering new employees coverage. This can be a hassle but you can also opt to get a short-term policy to keep you covered while you wait for your job-sponsored policy.

COBRA Health Insurance Coverage Vermont

Those who are in between jobs don’t have to worry about their coverage as well. The COBRA program can help you stay insured even after leaving your employer. It should keep you protected for about 18 months but you will also have to shoulder the entire cost of the premium.

As group plans are typically more expensive than individual policies, this can be a huge financial burden for the unemployed. This is why you can also opt out of the program and look up other more affordable options with the help of HealthQuoteInfo.

Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance Vermont

Low-income individuals and families can also take advantage of the recently passed bill to expand Medicaid coverage in the state. This will make state-assisted healthcare available to residents that earn up to 138% of the FPL. It will, however, require non-disabled adults to work to qualify for the program and pay for premiums that can amount to 2% of their income.

There are also three kinds of Medicaid coverages available. Some will be qualified for full coverage, while others are provided a time-limited coverage and Medicare-related coverage. Those who meet the requirements for full coverage can then still be enrolled into two programs known as the Medallion and Managed Care Organization, depending on their qualifications.

Aside from Medicaid, there are other state-sponsored healthcare programs available in Virginia. Their version of the CHIP or the Children’s Health Insurance Program known as the Family Access to Medical Insurance Security or FAMIS can be availed by children under 19 years and low-income pregnant women. Through this and Medicaid, Virginians also have access to other programs like Smiles for Children, Baby Care, Family Planning Services, Virginia’s Uninsured Medical Catastrophe Fund, Emergency Services for Non-citizens, and Pharmacy Assistance Programs.

To learn more about the different kinds of healthcare services available through Medicaid and CHIP in Virginia, the state’s Department of Medical Services website can provide you the necessary details you need.

Virginia Open Enrollment 2019 & Virginia Obamacare Insurance

The Virginia Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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