West Virginia’s healthcare landscape is an interesting one. There are limited options available in the exchange but there are a few more outside the marketplace. This gives residents more reason to explore what else is available to them. Of course, the WV exchange is still an option. But those who are looking for more choices for their West Virginia health insurance covearge can also find the offerings of private carriers more suitable to their needs.

West Virginia Health Insurance Basics: What Every Resident Needs to Know

This is where HealthQuoteInfo can be of assistance to you. While there are only a handful of insurance providers in the state, it will still require some effort to choose the plan that will suit you best. HealthQuoteInfo can simplify the process as you only need to enter your zip code in the search bar to view the available plans for in your locale. Individual plans offered by private carriers like Cigna, Cigna PDP, Aetna, Highmark BCBS, and Golden Rule will be made available to you to help you select which coverage will match your needs.

Group Plans & Small Business Health Insurance West Virginia

Group plans are also widely available in West Virginia. These can make it easier for employers to provide such a convenient benefit to their employees. While they have their limitations, these plans are very easy ways to get protected. These can also qualify for the COBRA program which can prevent an individual from being uninsured while they’re in between jobs.

Small group plans are also available for self-employed individuals with two or more full-time employees. The rates and qualifications vary, however, from one insurance provider to another, so it’s important to take note of such information. There are no requirements regarding the amount of time the business is in operation to apply for coverage, so even new ventures can get their employees right away.

COBRA Coverage in West Virginia

With group plans, however, medical underwriting is done for the group and not individually. This can make the prices inaccurate for some people. So if you feel like you’ll be paying for a lot more than what you should be under the COBRA program, you can also consider to drop it and opt for an individual plan.

Those who are in between jobs and are looking into finding an employment with health benefits can also opt not to be uninsured even without enrolling in the COBRA program. Short-term plans are available to provide a temporary protection so you can stay insured no matter what your employment status is.

Medicare, Medicaid & Low Income Health Insurance West Virginia

WV also has public health insurance programs that its residents can take advantage of. Medicaid and Medicare are created to provide assistance to the general public to ensure that everyone gets insured.

All residents can get Medicare, although, its benefits are only available to individuals aged 65 and above. It’s practically a retirement health plan and works similarly to Social Security. You can make monthly payments for the program to enjoy its benefits later on.

Persons under 65 with disabilities, however, can also take advantage of Medicare. Those who have been receiving Social Security Disability benefits for 24 months are qualified to receive partial benefits from the program. You can get the Medicare card in the mail after the required time period has lapsed so it’s not necessary to enroll in the program anymore. Those who qualify can also get the full coverage Medicare offers and the services they cover don’t have to be related to the individual’s disability. See what other benefits Medicare can offer here.

Medicaid, on the other hand, is created for low-income individuals who cannot afford private plans. Eligibility for the program is based on income which explains why the recipients of Supplemental Security Income or SSI are automatically qualified for Medicaid.

West Virginia also offers coverage to a wide range of groups. Aside from families and individuals, others who meet various qualifications can also enroll in the program. To learn if you’re eligible for coverage, information about the program’s qualifications can be found here.

WV Children’s Health Insurance Program

WV Children’s Health Insurance Program or the WVCHIP is also available in the state. It’s the local take on the federally-mandated SCHIP program. It aims to provide comprehensive health coverage to children with parents who don’t qualify for Medicaid but also can’t afford private plans. Those who qualify are automatically covered by Medicaid.

State personnel can also receive special employment benefits including a medical insurance known as the WV State Employee Health Insurance. It’s a comprehensive plan that is mostly paid for by the state. The employee premium will then depend on their salary.

Aside from the insurance options, West Virginia also runs various healthcare programs for their residents. The West Virginia Department of Health & Human Services offers various screening, immunization, and family planning programs for families, pregnant women, and young children.

These include the Birth to Three program which provides support to kids under three with developmental delay or at risk of it. They also have the WV Immunization Program which vaccinates eligible children for free. High-risk, low-income pregnant women who need in-home medical assistance can also enroll in the Right From The Start Project or RFTS. Kids First Healthcheck is also available to screen children entering Kindergarten for their speech, hearing, language, growth, and development.

Residents can also take advantage of the WV Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program. The program is formed to help women detect signs of breast and cervical cancer and learn more about the said diseases.

For more information on the various healthcare programs available in West Virginia through their Department of Human and Human Resources, click here.

West Virginia Open Enrollment 2019 & West Virginia Obamacare Insurance

The West Virginia Open Enrollment period for health insurance in 2019 will run from November 1st, 2018 to December 15th, 2019.

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