Health Insurance Options in Oregon

2018 Obamacare Open Enrollment Period from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. You can purchase health insurance for the upcoming year through the federally facilitated marketplace (


You can purchase health insurance through HealthQuoteInfo. Call 855-614-5057 to shop around and save!


State-Based Marketplace or Federally Facilitated Marketplace?

Oregon opted to create their own state-based marketplace, and hired a third party organization to build and populate a website called Cover Oregon. The state had allocated approximately $300 million to create this state-based marketplace, but the site never took off.

A media circus ensued and in 2014, they abandoned the idea of a state-based marketplace because it would take way too much time and energy to fix the existing site. Therefore, Oregon residents now use to shop around for Obamacare plans.

Many state residents view Obamacare in a negative light due to this disastrous outcome, but the blame should really be shifted to the local government, where things were severely mismanaged. So, if you’re a resident do not visit Cover Oregon and instead head to

Still Confused?

A lot of people in Oregon are still confused as well, but it’s important to remain calm and give HealthQuoteInfo a call to speak to one of our qualified agents. They will be able to explain everything in great detail and help you shop around for a new insurance plan. Give us a call at 855-614-5057.