03 May 2017

Student Travel Checklist: Health Insurance

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Student Travel Checklist: Health Insurance

If you are getting ready to study abroad, chances are you have a lot of things going through your head. You are waiting for your visa to come in the mail, you’ve bought your airplane tickets, and you’ve enrolled in new classes in a new country. Studying abroad is one of the most fun and memorable experiences that a student can have, but there are some things you want to make sure you take care of before you leave home.

One of these details is health insurance. If you are abroad and get sick or have an accident, you want to ensure that you won’t be stuck paying ridiculous prices for medical care. Travel insurance is always a good idea to have, but a comprehensive health insurance plan can also make your life a lot easier.

Check with your university

When you are looking at travelling abroad, check to see what benefits your abroad and home universities offer you in terms of health care. Your home university may offer a form of student insurance, even if you are abroad. If you are going to study in another country, like the United Kingdom, you pay for health insurance as part of your student visa when you enroll in that university.

Every university and each country are different, but you will likely be offered some form of local insurance when you arrive. If you want to make entirely sure that you have a health insurance policy that will protect you no matter where in the world you go, consider getting a comprehensive health insurance policy before you leave.

Comprehensive health insurance

A comprehensive policy should cover emergency care, travel assistance, medical evacuation, and routine care. You want to make sure that your insurance covers you for regular check-ups you would get if you were at home, and if any accidents should happen while you are abroad. Even if you are only going away for a semester, having health insurance can make you feel a lot better in case anything should happen.

Health insurance plans can vary in cost depending on where in the world you are going. If you are going to purchase your own insurance, make sure it is up to the standards of the country you are going to and the university you will be attending.

Travel tips

When you travel, make sure you have all of your relevant medical information on you and accessible. You should also have a digital backup in case something happens to the physical copies of your immunization record, birth certificate, medical ID, passport, and other essential documents. Know what doctors in your area speak your native language, have emergency numbers in your phone, and know where the nearest medical facility is.

Your health insurance term could vary, but make sure it covers you for the entire time you are away from home. Be sure to keep any medical receipts you may need in case you have to pay out of pocket, so that you can be reimbursed by your insurance later.