01 Jun 2017

Tips and Tricks to Save on Health Insurance

One of the greatest investments that you’ll make upon a regular basis, your health insurance plan justifies this cost by saving you and your family from disaster in the event of an accident or ill health. Health plans being both necessary and expensive, it only follows that tips and tricks for saving on this amount can make a big difference. Nevertheless, while the appropriate shortcuts can have a positive effect for you and your wallet, it’s always worth considering that your health insurance plan should never compromise on quality in order to save a few extra pennies.



Bearing this in mind, the tips and tricks worth your attention are those that guarantee you either the same or highly similar results, and so it can take a little effort to seek out the best strategies. You certainly don’t want to find yourself exposed in the event of misfortune, as such occasions can be very damaging, and leave you with far less money than if you had simply chosen to go with a more expensive option. We’ve gathered some of the best tips and tricks that can help you save on health insurance, allowing you to stay covered and benefit from a little extra money in the bank.



  1. Evaluate the options


As with many things, rewards come to those who invest some time and effort. By taking the time to go through the wide selection of insurance options available on the market, you increase your chances of finding a solution with the best combination of price and coverage for your individual needs. You can reduce the tediousness of this task by asking individual health insurance companies for their advice and options, as their industry-specific knowledge is tailored to the current market.



  1. Do away with extras


It’s often the case that if you seek out a good quality base plan, you don’t need to add on all of the costly extras that can end up contributing a large portion of the final price. When something is deemed as an ‘extra’, is probably because it is non-essential, which will only come in handy in a very precise situation.



  1. Identify discounts


You might be able to access a discount through many different routes, such as through your employer, any clubs or associations that you belong to, or your bank. Favourable legislation and agreements between various companies can make for a variety of good insurance opportunities for employees or adherents.


  1. Personal situation


For those who are under the age of 26 or are still at university, it might still be possible to enjoy coverage from their parents’ health coverage plan. Similarly, those under the age of 30 can benefit from different options that are open to them, usually done in order to attract them as valuable lifetime customers. Otherwise, families also enjoy certain advantages, with many premiums tailored around their needs.



  1. Self-assess


Putting your personal situation under scrutiny is very much worth your time, as this allows you to identify the level of health cover that you require and decide on how you should go about obtaining your insurance. For example, if you have recurrent health problems or you have the need to see the doctor frequently, it’s advisable to go for a lower deductible plan with higher premiums. On the other hand, if you don’t usually suffer from ill health very frequently, a high deductible plan with lower premiums is probably the best solution.



Given the wide availability of different health insurance options, navigating this world without losing a lot of money in the process can seem like an overwhelming task. However, help is at hand, with the knowledge and expertise of BuyHealthInsurance.com. Taking into account your personal situation, budget and other wishes, we will work to find the best coverage for you.

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